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A peculiar aesthetic language, given by the fusion of classical and modern elements, and by an eclectic and sophisticated choice of décor, makes every single ambience of Umiltà 36 inimitably alluring, offering an unprecedented multi-sensory experience. Discontinuity creates beauty: lines, geometries and the refined minimalism of the architectural solutions are perfectly blended with colourful and varied elements of décor. Among intriguing bergères, elegant lacquered cupboards, small retro-styled tables, extravagant textures and art-nouveau wallpapers, there is plenty of suggestions, fascinating the sight and the soul of the most demanding viewers.


The amazing variety of contemporary artworks, masterfully distributed in all rooms represent a further element of colour and value, spreading a touch of magic throughout the property.

" At Umiltà 36, art becomes a powerful mean of expression, vehicle of emotions and suggestions, perfectly integrated in the vibrant atmosphere that recreates the ideal of perfection and elegance of 1950s Roman lounges. "